The Long Story Short Reading and Reflection Journal  seeks to drastically improve students' literacy skills while simultaneously increasing their reading levels. Aligned to expectations set forth by US Common Core, International Baccalaureate, UK Cambridge, and most other language arts standards, the journal allows readers to deepen levels of comprehension, while developing all the taxonomies of academic skill (analysis, synthesis, composition, evaluation, application etc.). The journal has been developed to balance reading skills, monitor learning progression and fuel literacy maturation.

The Time Traveler’s History Journal  provides a platform for students to engage with history in ground breaking new ways. Exploring biography, perspective, and impact, it allows students to analyze the influence, impression and overall importance of major events, locations and icons throughout history. Combining Language Arts to create interdisciplinary opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skill, it helps history come to life, making it more accessible and allowing students to interact with it as active participants in more personalized, creative ways.

Neoteric Enlightenment: The Financial Literacy Guide  addresses various components of financial literacy, covering different types of bank accounts, the role and origin of the Federal Reserve; exposition on the stock and financial markets, including NYSE, NASDAQ and For-Ex; bear vs bull markets; the explanation behind fundamental investment strategies and tips; business loans; real estate investment, including rental properties, wholesaling and house flipping, as well as concepts such as inflation, compounding, diversification, leverage and liquidity.

Media Literacy For the World in Flux  focuses on 21st Century skills, including the ability to analyze the impact various media have on the culture and the individual; the contributions it makes towards shaping lives and identity; the impact it has on modern perspectives and perception; its role in the creation of "truth"; and the interconnected nature of today's global culture. Includes components of language, sociology, history, psychology and mass media.

Smooth Operator: The Rhetorician’s Guidebook  teaches multiple aspects of persuasive writing and speaking through the lens of rhetoric. Delving into strategies including debate, exposition diffusion, reverse argumentation, editorializing and the establishment of a deep understanding of rhetoric, its various components and manifestations, the Rhetorician’s Guidebook aims to make student master the art of persuasive argument. Students are taught to master the art of persuasive writing and speaking, as well as the ability to decipher and debase opposing rhetoric. Empowers students to master language, thought, foresight, prediction and articulation.

Fire and Ice, Virtue and Vice Card Set  is a compilation of history-inspired cards designed to help students understand international politics, become better acquainted with famous names from yesteryear and delve into the complex nature of global interdependence. Fire and Ice, Virtue and Vice is an educational game that place students in the role of a decision maker, who is equipped with certain unique characteristics, and they must use the resources they are dealt in order to navigate social and political situations both at home and abroad. Although the game was created to operate within an educational framework, it is good for anyone who enjoys easily transportable fun. Expansion packs available.

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