AROV provides online classes in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Media Literacy,  Rhetorical Speaking, Nutrition Literacy, as well as core academic subjects such as Literature, History, Expository & Persuasive Writing and Fundamental Mathematics.  

The AROV Organization designs innovative, fresh and effective approaches to education in the pursuits of a brighter future. We believe in practicality over tradition, and seek to help schools and students alike better establish a foothold in (and a true understanding of) the concepts, skills and perspectives that make people happy, healthy and successful in our modern world.

Education had defined itself by being indefinable. We are whatever our clients’ need us to be. We create whatever our clients need us to create. As a well versed team of academics with diverse experiences, skills, philosophies, personalities and learning styles, we know first-hand that education cannot effectively be a blanket experience for everyone if its goal is for everyone to excel. It is not enough to simply direct teachers to "differentiate" their lessons, or appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners as much as they do auditory ones. Teachers are by definition smart, talented people who can understand the need for such approaches, but they also must be given the proper tools with which to ply their craft. A painter without a brush, a mechanic without a wrench, a farmer without his seeds are all in a position where the extent of their knowledge and skills cannot be realized. Standing on fertile ground is meaningless unless you’re equipped to grow something. This is how we feel about modern classroom.

While textbooks, videos and online programs have all sought to try and tailor the educational experience to suit students’ strengths, it is often done within a highly controlled framework. Where we differ in this regard is our commitment to shape the direction of our products based upon what our clients feel is best for its students and staff. Instead of looking through catalogues trying to find what fits the school, we want you to tell us what fits best for your school so we can craft for the school its own unique catalogue. In other words, we seek to establish a "you want it, you got it" relationship with our clients.

Beyond that, we also craft many of our products so that teachers can add what they determine to be pertinent context. How one teacher uses the materials may be different from another. We generate our product line with enough leeway that it allows professionals the freedom to create the relevance they need in their particular classroom.

For all the education professionals who have felt shoehorned into finding relevance with the lessons and materials they’ve been given, we are your solution. Every school in the world has goals and objectives, some with more stringent measuring sticks than others. But never doubt that each of them is achievable when approached with dedicated minds and equipped with the right tools. No one of sound mind would ever claim the tools could teach without the teachers. So we shouldn’t be cavalier enough to say teachers can do it without the tools. Success is built upon that union.

After all, Neil Armstrong didn’t simply wish himself to the moon.


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All AROV teachers are licensed and/or certified instructors, as well as college graduates with years of practical, in-class pedagogical experience.

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AROV offers educational institutions worldwide a pick of original, creative materials meant to improve educational opportunities and outcomes, including: 

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