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AROV provides online classes in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Media Literacy,  Rhetorical Speaking, Nutrition Literacy, as well as core academic subjects such as Literature, History, Expository & Persuasive Writing and Fundamental Mathematics.  


AROV offers educational institutions worldwide a pick of original, creative materials meant to improve educational opportunities and outcomes, including: 

  • Text Books and Workbooks
  • Curricula and Lesson Plans
  • Consulting Services

Our Instructors

All AROV teachers are licensed and/or certified instructors, as well as college graduates with years of practical, in-class pedagogical experience.

Collaborating with AROV

The AROV Pedigree

AROV was built upon bold innovation. It was established by teachers, philanthropists and philosophers who were successful by going against the grain and using common sense and innovation in place of relegating themselves to a status-quo that has well established as insufficient. We believe in new ideas, scientifically-established techniques and brazen approaches. We cannot expect different results without changing an element of the equation which we are solving. 

Mutual Goals
AROV's primary mission is to help improve education, and create a more accessible, viable and rewarding experience for students. We embrace students of all ages, and want to contribute to helping people achieve their goals through education and networking. We are eager to help collaborative schools maximize their potential, and excel when working with a leadership team that is comfortable with taking honest assessments of where they stand as an organization by looking objectively at the staff they employ, the goals they have set and their very own leadership. This can be uncomfortable for some who rely less on reflective or introspective leadership, but we believe it is integral to maximize successful progression. 

We work with students and schools around the world, from New York to California, Montana to Florida, Mexico to Canada, Australia to Brazil, Europe to Asia. Although based in the US Northeast,  our team has vast experience working in schools both domestic and international and tend to needs worldwide. We believe in establishing connections as a means to helping people garner the success they seek.

We are optimistic and action-driven  While we do try to pinpoint areas of improvement as part of a call to action, our interest is not so much in what isn't working well, but rather how to make everything work optimally at all times.

We place tremendous importance on maximizing collaborative potential within the work environment. As a result, it is our belief that we, as leaders, identify the strengths within a faculty; motivate people to excel as much as their capabilities allow; and establish a mutually respectful, supportive and appreciative rapport among the faculty. Establishing an open-minded, progressive and appreciative milieu helps drive communication, experimentation and ultimately progression. 

In addition to​ fortifying skills and sculpting experience, we believe perspective is an integral part of excellence as well. Much of a school's success, in all aspects of education, can be attributed to an optimistic outlook, a strong work ethic and a flood of inspired creativity.  We help develop dedicated professionals, encourage innovative ideas and establish dynamic, highly effective relationships throughout the school. 

Beyond individuals, it is also integral to have a strong, reliable, effective foundation upon which success can be built.  We have a rich understanding of curriculum development, and it serves as the bedrock for realizing tangible academic goals. We work with teachers to efficiently plan out how best to implement strategies, plan lessons and deliver their lessons in a way that actualizes what they envisioned.​