AROV Education:

Curriculum Development

The word curriculum is often used interchangeably to refer to the collective instruction a school offers overall. What's interesting is that the English word curriculum was adopted from the Latin word of the same spelling, which meant "race course". ​
While race courses differ from location to location, offering varying duration, terrain and obstacles to contend with, they share one defining characteristic; no matter whether a course is curvy or straight; rocky or grassy; endurance-driven or intensity-driven; the universality shared by all race-courses, worldwide, is that they offer the same core objective: to reach the end and finish the race. Completion is the challenge, regardless of the exercise.

In modern education, there are all types of theories, strategies and expectations to be kept in mind when planning a subject's course of study. 

Let’s Build Together!

If there is a course you believe would benefit your students, workers or constituents, we can work with you to develop in the image of your end goals. Our team is comprised of certified educators, who are considered specialists in their field, with a track record of creative, progressive thought. We partner with you to identify, develop and perfect the courses you want to offer your audience.

AROV offers multiple curriculum development services available to meet our clients' needs. We write curricula from scratch, abiding by the specifications set forth by our clients. We also take existing curricula, or established frameworks and tailor them to meet new or different specifications. Whether it be a need for creativity, organization or time, we shape courses that seek to meet your objectives. Our courses designed to be engaging, rigorous and relevant. 

Curricula are the software of education, and as such, they can come in many different presentations; we focus on the goals submitted to us, which are usually the overall objectives; we use an Understanding By Design approach, with respect for the critical skills identified in the hierarchy of Bloom's Taxonomy, to map out how best to achieve those goals. Our lessons are designed to be constructivist and support active learning, so we encourage and embrace dynamic, vibrant approaches. We can accommodate most expectations desired, including differentiated instruction and learning approaches, that can be created through a lens aligned to any of the following:

The AROV Curriculum Development Team can create a curriculum in any subject matter, tailored to meet our clients' unique, individualized needs.

*International Baccalaureate                      
*US Common Core/US State Standards
*Inquiry-Based Instruction
*Exam-Based Instruction    
*Skill-Based Instruction
*Project-Based Learning 
*Student-Based Learning

*Group-Based Learning
*Personalized/Individualized Learning Plans
*Interdisciplinary Planning
*Cross-Curricular Lessons
*Blended Learning
*Workshop Model
*Flipped Classroom