Our Instructors

All AROV teachers are licensed and/or certified instructors, as well as college graduates with years of practical, in-class pedagogical experience.


Become Your Dreams!


AROV provides online classes in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Media Literacy,  Rhetorical Speaking, Nutrition Literacy, as well as core academic subjects such as Literature, History, Expository & Persuasive Writing and Fundamental Mathematics.  


AROV offers educational institutions worldwide a pick of original, creative materials meant to improve educational opportunities and outcomes, including: 

  • Text Books and Workbooks
  • Curricula and Lesson Plans
  • Consulting Services

The 4 Phase Approach


AROV's mission and philosophy is deeply rooted in education because this is where actualization is taught. Our consultants pinpoint with great accuracy how to maximize what schools are doing well, and how to galvanize areas that could be improved. We believe in using innovation, creativity and strategy to accentuate the productivity of educational programs. Our expertise drives clients to maximize their potential within the constantly evolving educational sphere.

We offer tailored and specified services, delivered by leading experts with extensive experience and proven track records. AROV has worked both nationally and internationally, with varied frameworks including US Common Core, International Baccalaureate and UWC programs. We understand the nuances that exist among student populations, and how they can vary according to socioeconomic differences, performance standards and long term ambitions.  We establish individualized blueprints for success and offer individualized, specific support in all aspects of achieving the goals set within these plans. We work closely with teachers and administrators to solidify and fortify each role, and to encourage team-driven game planning. At
AROV, we work with our clients to develop an all-encompassing strategy with clear methods of mastery and paths of pursuit. 

Designed to magnify quality, augment results, specify approaches and validate accountability,
AROV's services reach our clients where they are and work within the confines set forth to achieve quantifiable results. Identifying ambitions, establishing goals and apprehending the destination is what we are all about. Once efficacy is reached, implementing sustainability of all programs is encouraged so that all around excellence continues to thrive.

We work with many schools, of all structures, with varied objectives, in all parts of the world. While each schools' needs are unique, and thus our services are quite customary, we abide by four primary phases of our process by which most clients' objectives are met: 

1. Assessment

No matter the situation, the first step is getting to know the school and faculty as well as we can. We do this by assessing the needs of the organization, their priorities, and the school's values. This is accomplished through interviews with the school leadership team, the teaching staff, key professionals and, when pertinent, students and parents as well. We audit curricula, employ interviews; survey the school, classroom environment and testing strategies; and conduct a review of school records. We have a worldwide network of referrals for additional evaluations as needed.

2. Planning
Once we know the school and have identified its needs, as well as its strengths and foundation, we can begin to make recommendations based on the goals set forth. We develop an action plan, mapped by achievable steps, and explain what expectations should be held, what issues could arise, and how best to implement the strategies successfully. 

3. Implementation
This is where the differences are made. We guide leadership, teachers, support staff and students in moving towards actualization. We oversee the application of the action plan to assure smooth and successful progression and adapt accordingly. The process is constantly monitored and evolves as needed.

4. Evaluation
We assess and review how the action plan results in positive change for the school, and gauge what, if any, further strategies need to be employed in order to reach the original goals. We establish a game plan by which success can be maintained and further developed, as the school actualizes itself into the establishment it wishes to be at all times and under all circumstances.