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AROV provides online classes in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Media Literacy,  Rhetorical Speaking, Nutrition Literacy, as well as core academic subjects such as Literature, History, Expository & Persuasive Writing and Fundamental Mathematics.  


AROV offers educational institutions worldwide a pick of original, creative materials meant to improve educational opportunities and outcomes, including: 

  • Text Books and Workbooks
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Our Instructors

All AROV teachers are licensed and/or certified instructors, as well as college graduates with years of practical, in-class pedagogical experience.

List of Classes

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Financial Literacy and Investment- Perhaps the most important course not taught in most schools, this course covers financial essentials, including relevant terms and strategies behind earning money, managing it, investing it, saving it and leveraging it. Students learn about different types of bank accounts; the pros and pitfalls of borrowing; how credit works; a baseline understanding of the stock market; why real estate is so lucrative; various housing investment strategies, ranging from rental properties to home flipping; home ownership vs renting, the process and benefits of “flipping” homes, how to build a portfolio to become a full time landlord and modern opportunities for investment, such as Bitcoin, foreign currency and social lending. This is a must learn for any student who wants to maximize their financial futures and who want to learn how to make their money work for them.

Entrepreneurship/Business- According to recent statistics, nearly 70% of college students plan on pursuing entrepreneurship at some point in their lives. And with the impact and opportunities that have accompanied the age of globalization and international business, there is plenty of opportunities to do just that. But wanting to do it is very different from actually doing it, and more so, doing it successfully. This course is perfect for students who truly wish to pursue entrepreneurship and become their own business owner. Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship; how to identify opportunity; how to maximize what you can offer the world; finding opportunities within products and services that already exist; how to establish a business legally; how to strategize for success; the structure of an effective business plan; how to identify your niche and reach your audience and how to create, build and market a business internationally.

Public Speaking- the ability to grab an audience’s attention can be quite challenging. But there are tricks and methods to delivering a writing and delivering a great speech. Unlock these secrets, which the greatest speakers of all time have used, and learn to become the center of attention in a way where audiences will admire you personally and respect you professionally. Learn how to master the room with your words and demand attention with your presence.

Persuasive Writing and Speaking- We live in the era where we are all constantly marketing ourselves. Whether we are trying to convince a hiring agent that we are “right for the job”, trying to convince our boss that we deserve a raise, trying to convince our customers that we offer the best product or merely trying to convince our children not to eat so much candy. The art of persuasion is among the most useful and highly coveted skills one can learn. In this course, we teach you the fundamentals of persuasion, how to win an argument using logic, how to present a sound argument, how to frame an argument so that it seems sound even if it isn’t truly sound, and how to put forth your opinions in a rational, efficient and effective manner. This is an excellent companion to the public speaking course. Our classes aim to use rhetoric to teach how to use it to develop a strong argument, regardless of how ridiculous your premise may be. We delve into the persuasive techniques people are bombarded with daily; we explore propagandist techniques that are often used in politics and advertising; we identify the difference between logical and sound arguments, and we teach how to create both.

Effective Essay Writing-
English composition is like the science of writing. It allows you to organize your thoughts and present your ideas in a well-developed, highly thought out manner. Learn the basics of how to craft a top-notch English essay.

English Song Writing and Music Composition- Ever want to learn how to write music? Using poetry and modern songs as a foundation, students will learn how to analyze poetic texts, how to use tempo, rhyme and rhythm to craft create original works of poetry, and how to deliver a dynamic message to music-loving audiences.

IELTS/TOEFL- In order to study abroad, foreign students must prove their linguistic skills by performing well on exams such as the IELTS or TOEFL. Unfortunately, many students prepare for these exams by relying heavily on memorization techniques and thus, lack adequate skill development necessary to excel on the exam and beyond. AROV takes a unique approach to teaching IELTS and TOEFL by addressing concepts frequently addressed on such exams, and engaging students in critical thought in a manner that not only build language proficiency, but also fosters faster, more linguistically sound responses. We do not approach these courses in a way that merely prepares students for the exam- we prepare students for excellence that they can use to excel on the exam and far beyond it.

Literature/Western Education Preparation-
Do you know that the biggest setback for many students who study abroad is that they are unprepared for the sorts of assignments they’ll be given? Because schools tend to focus heavily on language acquisition (the type used to prepare students for IELTS and TOEFL) but fail to develop critical thinking skills in the English language, which is the sort of expectations universities set for incoming students. After all, most US, UK and Australian colleges deem independent thinking and creativity as indispensable for academic studies. Disturbingly, 25% of Chinese students who attend Ivy League universities fail out before they graduate. Furthermore, over 8,000 Chinese students are expelled each year from American universities alone, usually due to cheating or poor performance. This is an unnecessary travesty. AROV prepares students for success by using English literature to develop the sorts of evaluative, analytical, creative and independent thinking skills necessary to excel within the framework of any Western university.

SAT/ACT Preparation- The SAT exam has the reputation for being among the most difficult exams in existence. It is designed to test student’s reasoning abilities, logistical problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills and language proficiency. It is known for being the “thinker’s test” because it actively tries to trick students into choosing the wrong answers. Furthermore, the SAT exam is offered a limited amount of times per year.  The SAT exam is held seven times a year in the US, and six times each year in Hong Kong/Singapore.  Thus, students must actively strategize when they will be prepared to take the exam in order to have the results they want at the time they need. As an alternative, students can study for the ACT, which has become an increasingly popular option that tests many of the same skills. AROV works with students to prepare for either exam in a holistic manner so that the students can meet and overcome the challenges they will encounter when taking either test.

(*The first annual report on the SAT performance of Chinese students found the average score was 1,213 points out of the total of 2,400, some 296 points lower than US students and 337 points lower than the benchmark set by College Board, the organizer of the test. Students cannot simply memorize answers, they must be taught how to beat the test. They must also be forced to expand their vocabulary significantly.)

French- In the modern world of globalization and interconnection, it is tremendous advantage to be multilingual. In a recent study, French was identified as one of the most popular languages to study, one of the easiest to learn and one of the most useful to acquire for business.  AROV offers excellent French lessons that focus on unlocking the language quickly, but also teach students how to understand the function of the language, which allows pupils to develop a foundation they can later use to also learn Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian (the Romance Languages). With nearly 100 million francophones worldwide, spanning countries on all continents, learning French allows access to a whole new culture and its peoples.

Italian- Italian is considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Based on Latin, as all Romance Languages are, learning how Italian is structured gives insight into how similar languages, including Spanish and French, are also structured. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Italian language. Students will learn some of the most common nouns, verbs and adjectives used in the language, as well as how to structure sentences and paragraphs so that they can navigate their way through Italy armed with the key to its culture.

Basics of Guitar Playing- Students will learn the anatomy of a six-string guitar; how to play basic chords, as well as chord progressions, so that they can re-create popular music hits; and how to use a capo for more diverse production.

Health, Nutrition and Exercise-
In a world where obesity affects 1 in 3 adults, we seek to teach people how science defines healthy eating; how to use nutritional information to make smart choice; how to analyze current diet trends, and we explore current concepts of diet in relation to exercise, how to maintain a positive mindset and what it means to live holistically.

Film: Hollywood Script Writing- Do you love film? Have you ever wanted to write your own? Well before you can make a movie, you need a story. And in Hollywood, this is called a script. The script is the most important part of a movie, because without it, there is no story to make! Learn how professionals write and create scripts in Hollywood; analyze film genres, the basics behind what make them successful, the challenges of writing dialogue, and how to take your vision and put it onto the page.