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Look at Literary Analysis From A Whole New Perspective:

As a Foundation for Cognitive Development and Critical Thought.

AROV's English Literature Course has been designed to help students build "higher order" thinking skills that they can use long after they graduate from school.

Benjamin Bloom  was an American education psychologist that identified six different intelligences that humans develop over the course of their education.  At the top of his taxonomy, he identified evaluation, synthesis and analysis as the core of advanced thought. AROV's English Literature Course focuses on providing students the opportunity to nurture these skills by analyzing literary techniques and devices commonly used by the highest regarded authors in history.

Literature isn’t about learning characters and remembering quotes. It’s about developing analytical, evaluative and creative skills. Did you know that in some cultures, students aren’t taught critical thinking? There are school systems that place so much emphasis on memorization (often in an attempt to master courses like mathematics and science) that there is little effort put into courses like literature or debate, which are seen as inconsequential. And standardized exams certainly show that plenty of students in areas where this happens perform quite well on certain tests. Yet many of these same students struggle with anything that requires innovation, artistic exploration, interpersonal skills or analysis in an uncontrolled environment. Primarily because much of these skills are developed in courses like literature. That is why AROV’s Literature Course was built. Using literary techniques and devices, students are taught how to infer, evaluate, synthesize and articulate in a way that most classes don’t offer. For all the dates and terms students are forced to learn throughout our academic careers, it is the opportunity to truly think and reflect that allows them to delve into examination and expression. This provides a platform for students to develop a capacity to create value and novelty.

English Literature: Analysis Coursecovers investing in stocks, bonds and options; investing in mutual funds; how anyone can become a private lender by using online platforms; investing in currency (including Bitcoin and foreign currencies); real estate investment, real estate appreciation, flipping homes and rental properties; starting a new business, business formations, business marketing, business plans and strategies; banking, various bank accounts, various credit cards and the great irony of credit scores. The course provides nearly ten hours of useful, varied information and unlimited live support for $99.99.  It also has unlimited support from certified teachers, should students be in need of further explanation on anything covered within the program.

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